Non-leather bags and totes: Use cold water and mild detergent like Woolite. Do not use fabric softener. Gentle cycle. Line dry. Iron on reverse side. 


Bags with leather: Items are not washable , however, there are ways to protect your items as follows: 


Leather protection: A good choice is Leather Balm which is a blend of Carnauba wax, natural oils, and cleaners. Leather Balm re-introduces natural oils to help keep leather soft and supple. Balm will not cause leather to become excessively slick making it a great option for my bags. Apply with a clean cloth, allow to dry, polish to a mellow gloss. Follow brand-specific instructions. 

Fabric protection: Scotchgard™ is a common brand. Follow manufacturer instructions and ALWAYS cover leather before spraying fabric.

Eco-friendly fabric protection: protectME is a hydrophobic spray acting as a fabric protector & stain guard. 


Jewelry Care: All items are lead & nickel free! A little reminder about properly caring for your jewelry...tarnishing of ANY jewelry is possible and probable if you do not care for your jewelry properly! Polish clothes are recommended. Please do not get your jewelry wet. Moisture causes tarnishing. Other causes of tarnishing  include contact with grooming products such as hair spray and face/body lotion.

"Penzance" Boat/Beach Tote fabric information: I make my totes with Premier Prints Outdoor. This is a superior fabric for protection against wear and tear from rain, hail or shine. Great for all indoor/outdoor applications, Premier Prints Outdoor fabric is specifically designed to perform in all weather extremes. Made with 100% Spun Polyester printed with UV pigments, this specialized production process allows for brighter, bolder and simply better colors than other outdoor lines. The fabric is treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) allowing use in rainy or water-exposed environments. While also providing maximum resistance to bleach, dirt, mildew and stains - ideal for high-traffic areas. Fade resistant and UV tested for 1000 hours of direct sunlight! 

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